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    Entertainment >> Interactive Stroy Telling Show
Super Balloon Show

Watch Video: Super Balloon Show
It is talking about who is the bravest person in the world. In order to find out the answer, the dressed audiences are told to show off their ability. Lets see who can become the best of the best.
Super Mummy Show

Watch Video: Super Mummy Show Highlight
Super Mummy Show
Puppet Show

Watch Video: Puppet Show Highlight
GoGo Chick & CoCo Duck compare with each other. At the very beginning, they treat each other unfriendly. However, they realize the importance of friendship after they have overcome all the difficulties during their adventure.
Interactive Stroy Telling Show - Siu Ming Adventure

Talking about a sporty boy call Siu Ming. Due to his careless and his looking down the importance off personal hygiene, he is lastly swallowed by the king of evil germs. Fortunately, there are many brave persons decide to rescue him. The ending is funny & educational, so dont miss it.
Interactive Stroy Telling Show - The Bee Show

Watch Video: The Bee Show Highlight
The forest protector, Spirit Flower, died due to the selfish behaviour of the habitants in the forest. Actually they all lost their heart of environmental protection for the appear of the evil monster created by themselves. So the Bee Miss Honey will lead them to rescue the environmental protection heart & the Spirit Flower in order to make the whole forest alive again.
Bubble Show

Watch Video: Bubble Show highlight
Bubble Show
Clown Comedy Show

Watch Video: Twin Clown Comedy Highlight
This is an interactive story show with tailor-made music and theme song. Besides, the witch also invites audience to participate the show.
Interactive Stroy Telling Show - A Witch Born

Watch Video: A Witchs Born Show
A Witchs Born is a story about a selfish girl called Piggy. She overcomes lots of difficulties and her selfish character, and finally, she becomes a witch in the witch industry.
Cartoon Mascot Show - Three Treasure Box

Watch Video: Cartoon Mascot Music Story - Three Treasure Boxes
It is a dramatic dancing story about a king and three ministers. One day, the king (dragon) want to test the ability of these three ministe(rabbit, raccoon and parrot). So the king asks them to buy the most precious thing and put it in a treasure box. Since all of them have different characters, one is very proud of himself, one only love eating, and one likes giving a helping hand. They make lots of jokes in finishing their job. What will happen next? Don't miss it!

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