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    Entertainment >> Clown Stage Performance
Clown Juggling Show

Mr. Clown wants to share the glorious experience of his breaking the clowns' world record with you. What record is it? Mr. Clown will play different juggling items like plate spinning, clubs or balls throwing, bricks picking & etc. He will complete more than six items within five minutes. Don't miss the chance to witness the clown breaking the world record.
Clown Twins Juggling Show

There are two clowns and they always compare with each other. Do you want to know who is the last winner? Don't miss the show.
Clown Family Magic Show

ARRANGEMENT : 2 PARTS 1ST PART : Fast beat magic with music background. Audiences will enjoy many visual magical effects. 2ND PART : Audience participation. Audience are invited to join some magic tricks. It will be very funny and everybody may be very hot during the show.
Clown Bubble Show

Clown Bubble Show
Super Balloon Show by Clown

It is talking about who is the bravest person in the world. In order to find out the answer, the dressed audiences are told to show off their ability. Lets see who can become the best of the best.

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