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    Entertainment >> Chinese Performance
Chinese Twins Juggling Show

There are two clowns from Ching Dynasty and they always compare with each other. Do you want to know who is the last winner? Don't miss the show.
Chinese Magic Show

Watch Video: Chinese Magic highlight
Chinese Style magician,wears traditional Chinese costume and their magic tricks are very special like Drink never drunk,Chinese linking rings,Fairys drops,Luo Quanand the likes.You can feel the Chinese mood!May be you will be selected by the magician to take part in the show.
Chinese Acrobatic

Watch Video: Acrobatics Highlight
To imagine, the performers are in Chinese Kung Fu costumes and the whole performance works with Chinese music background. So, people can feel the Chinese mood besides enjoying the juggling tactics like unicycling, waving weapons,spinning plates by mouth and etc ...
Chinese Dance

Usually, Chinese dance includes classical dance & folk dance. The costumes & the performance are very unique especially when you enjoy different dances from different tribes like Xiag Chiang, Mongolia, Zuuang etc ...
Face-changing Performance

Watch Video: Chinese Face Changing Highlight
Face-changing Performance
Cantonnese Operatic Song

"Cantonese Operatic Song" is a singing performance suitable for all ages. It is totally different from modern music with its tone, singing style and melody. Audience must enjoy the songs.
Cantonnese Opera

"Cantonese Opera" is the essence of Chinese culture. It is a Chinese musical drama. Performers have to dress in deluxe costumes and sing traditional Chinese stories.
Cantonnese Opera by Kids

It be more interesting if kids sing the traditional Chinese stories.
Lion Dace

"Lion Dance" can create a hot atmosphere. In Chinese culture, people believe "Lion Dance" can get rid of evils and bring good fortune to them. So it is get used to perform in the grand opening, the annual dinner, and the opening of a carnival etc.
Dragon Dance

Same as "Lion Dance", "Dragon Dance" can also create a very hot atmosphere. Beside, since running around is a must for "Dragon Dance", so the emotion of every audience must be push-up.
Chinese Puppet

Traditional Chinese Puppetry include hand puppet and string puppet. Decoration , props and the characters are full of Chinese feature. The content is meaningful and funny, so that is suitable for children and adults as well
Chinese Music

Chinese musical group usually consists of 4 - 8 persons and they play music with traditional musical instrument like Pipa, Sheng, Xiao, Erhu and YangQin etc ...
Kids Kong Fu

The kids perform various kind of Chinese Kung Fu. Could you imagine how grand it is?
Chinese Clown

Chinese Clown
Shadow Puppet Theater

Shadow Puppet Theater
Dancing in the Crystal Ball

Watch Video: Crystal Ball Dance
Dancing in the Crystal Ball
Chinese Drum Dance

Chinese Drum Dance

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